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Will you be purchasing new windows or doors in 2009?  If you answered yes then there's some great news for you!  The great news is that Federal tax credits are available to those purchasing energy efficient windows and doors in 2009.  In order for your windows and doors to qualify for the tax credit, they must have the Energy Star label on them or meet the International Energy Conservation Code.  Make sure you remember to save your receipt and the Energy Star label from your product.  

You may be wondering how Energy Star windows and doors work to save on energy.  The answer is that it's really all in the special way that they are designed. Because of fantastic new technology, Energy Star windows are built in ways that put old windows to shame!  Some of these new improvements include improved frame materials, weather tight seals and high insulation.  These windows are also specially made to block out air and water.

For Windows, Storm Windows & Skylights

You can claim a tax credit for up to 10% of the cost- up to $200.00- for all windows, storm windows and skylights.

Exterior Doors and Storm Doors
You can claim a tax credit for up to 10% of the cost- up to $500.00- for all exterior doors and storm doors

What Energy Star Windows & Doors Can Do for You